7 Benefits of Preschool To Consider

Children learn so much about their environment every day. They seem to have a never ending ability to learn new things! It’s pretty amazing! What better way to enhance that learning than by sending your child to preschool? Here are some of the benefits of preschool to think about when choosing the right preschool

Benefits of Preschool

Feature: Benefits of Preschool

Kickstarts a Child’s Learning

Children learn so many skills in preschool! They begin learning how to write by practicing letters and sounds. They begin learning how to count and what numbers look like. Through crafts and other activities, children are able to practice their fine motor skills by using things like scissors and crayons. Through outside activities, children remain active and get to practice their gross motor skills through running, climbing, and jumping. 

The list could go on about all the developmental skills that are practiced on a daily basis at preschool.

Prepares Children for Kindergarten

Another benefit of preschool is that it prepares them for kindergarten. Being away from mom and dad can be a scary time for children when they first begin school. Preschool can be a great way to get your child ready for Kindergarten. Preschoolers typically go to school for less time per week than kindergarteners either by having shorter days, or by going to school fewer days a week. Going to school for less time a week provides children with a great transition into the regular 6 hours a day 5 days a week school day they’ll experience when they’re older. 

In addition to transitioning children into all day school, preschool is a great place to prepare children for what they will learn in Kindergarten. Children begin learning letters, sounds, and numbers. Children are also able to develop socially as they interact with their peers on a daily basis.

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Children Develop Social and Emotional Skills

Children, for the most part, make friends pretty naturally. When they are with those friends they are able to learn things about real life interactions that they can’t learn at home. They learn that in order to keep their friends they have to be ok sharing and making compromises. They learn on a small scale how to begin resolving their own problems when they come up. 

Children are also able to learn more about their own emotions and the emotions of others as they play with children their own age. They can learn things about the world like throwing a fit doesn’t help me get what I want, or when I’m nice to someone they are usually nice back to me. 

All of these little things add up to helping children socialize well in their community. 

Children Learn Structure

If you have ever visited a preschool class for the day, the word “organization” might not be the first thing that pops into your head. Despite this first impression, preschool classrooms are actually very structured. Preschool teaches children about having a schedule and learning to follow instructions. Life is all about having a schedule. This valuable lesson is practiced as early as preschool and will benefit children for their whole lives. 

Nurtures Curiosity and Independence

Preschool is a great place for children to learn independence and foster curiosity. For most of these children this is their first time away from home for an extended period of time without their parents. This likely means that, even if parents try to give their child choices, the parents still determine a large part of the child’s day at home. In a preschool setting there are a lot more decisions that children can make on their own. Because they are able to make their own choices more often they are able to grow in their curiosity as well. They learn to branch out and try new things as they watch others. 

Children Grow Cognitively

Preschool is a wonderful place for children to begin growing their minds. Children are already learning so much about the world that now is a great time to begin introducing some of the practical life skills they’ll need as they grow older. 

For example, before a child can begin reading they need to know what the letters mean and how they can be put together to make different sounds and words.And before a child can begin adding and subtracting they need to know what numbers mean, what they look like, how they are different from one another, and how they can all work together. This starts during the preschool years. If children can learn these things early they will be much more prepared when they get to kindergarten.  

Develop Gross and Fine Motor Skills 

There are so many developmental skills children can practice on a daily basis in preschool. During coloring time children can practice grasping a crayon and making it go where they want it to go. Simple enough, right? But holding a crayon and trying to draw in the lines is great practice for your child’s fine motor skills. Learning to use scissors and playing with toys are also great ways to refine their fine motor skills. 

Gross motor skills are also being developed as children get the opportunity to have outside time. Playing on the playground offers children a chance to run, jump, climb, and ultimately get better at coordinating their body. 

Different Options

With all that being said there are so many ways parents can choose to do preschool for their children. Here are some of the options. 

  • Traditional public school
  • Homeschool
  • Private school
  • Daycare/preschool
  • Mommy and me preschool

There are so many options out there for you to choose from, but the bottom line is that starting your child off early can be a great help to them as they get ready to begin their schooling career. 

One thing to note as well is that if your child is going to be attending a preschool away from home most schools require that their students be fully potty trained before they start. If you think that may be a problem for your child the other options listed above would be great for you. 

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What benefits of preschool would you add to this list? Comment below!

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